domenica 10 luglio 2011


Earring by Littmarck
Clutch by Accent
Belt by Cheap Monday
Pants by Minimarket
Blouse by Camilla Norrback
Heels by Sand

Earring by Friis & Company
Clutch by Swarovski
Blazer by Rützou
Bracelet by Littmarck
Bracelet by Littmarck
Belt by Cheap Monday
Mini Dress by Yotam Solomon
Heels by Jimmy Choo

Extras by Apple
Earring by Åsitas
Handbag by D&G
Necklace by Chanel
Bracelet by David & Martin
Blouse by Patouf
Skirt by Roberto Verino
Tank top by Tiger of Sweden
Heels by Vintage/Ida Pyk

Handbag by Maharani of Tirapunji
Bracelet by Holly Fulton
Bracelet by Afroart
Bracelet by Maria Nilsdotter
Necklace by Rachel Leigh
Belt by Bzr by Bruuns Bazaar
Top by Jil Sander Navy
Skirt by Marimekko
Bra by Y-3 by adidas
Heels by Acne

Sunglasses by Velvet Eyewear
Handbag by Eco Fashions
Blazer by Zara
Necklace by Åsitas
Bracelet by Francesca Romana Diana
Belt by Zadig&Voltaire
Dress by Camilla Norrback
Heels by Zara

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