mercoledì 11 luglio 2012

FOCUS ON: Bikes & Design

PopUp Design's bike rack for a public art project in Roanoke, Virginia
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Yulie Kendra ha detto...

hey ,
nice blog :-)))
maybe we can follow each other?! let me know :)

*IVONA* ha detto...

haha...great design:)))visit me if you want to...i greet:)

Roberta ha detto...

Thanks for your comment!
I'm your follower number 67 at Bloglovin and Roberta at Google Friend!
Have a nice day!

RitaD' ha detto...

Thanks Roberta I'm a new follower of your blog, I like celebrity post!
Thanks for sharing :):)

GagCloud ha detto...

Hi dear ^^
Thank u for ur comment in my blog
I'd luv to follow each other
Following u now on GFC, Bloglovin #68, twitter and facebook
Hope u will do the same for me
I'll wait for ur answer in my blog


Sara et Sarah ha detto...
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Sara et Sarah ha detto...

Of course I'd be delighted to follow you ! I'm your newest follower :) waiting for you ;)

HelenDushko ha detto...

hey,this's a good idea to foolow each othr,I'm followin' you right now and hope you'll do the same!

Sabrina ha detto...

Cool pictures ;) Your blog is really nice!xx

RitaD' ha detto...

Thank you Sabrina, You are welcome!!

Jelena Dimić ha detto...

Amazing artwork, I love the wacky pictures! :D
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm following you now! :*

ylenia ha detto...

Ciao Rita, grazie del commento!
Certo che possiamo seguirci a vicenda, io sono tua follower da adesso =)
Ti aspetto da me...sono italiana come te comunque ;)

modishYou ha detto...

haha this is soo funny :P

Maybe, would you like to follow each other? promise to follow back

Rebecca ha detto...

Awesome pictures! This is so creative! Love the bike rack under the stairs


Kiwi ha detto...

Thanks for your comment!
Super nice blog, would love to follow each other!

Ileana ha detto...

WOW! Great ideas...have never seen them before!
Wanna follow each other on bloglovin? Let me know ^^

xKirstxBx ha detto...

What a cool post!I love the bikes on the stairs.

Would you like to follow each other on GFC and bloglovin? xox

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Chris Ed ha detto...

I love your blog and follow u now via gfc/86 and bloglovin/71:)
follow back if u want.
xx chris

Chris Ed ha detto...

wow this designs are crazy! Love this pics so much! thank you so much for the nice comment and for following back:)
xx chris


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