lunedì 30 luglio 2012

La prima volta di NARACAMICIE

Una ragazza entra in un negozio Nara Camicie e impazzisce all’idea che la camicia che vorrebbe non le sta bene come pensava…

A girl come in a store Nara Camicie and She become crazy at the idea that the shirt would buy is not perfectly on herself as She was thinking...It's a funny situation!!
Have fun watching this video!!

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giovedì 26 luglio 2012

FOCUS ON: Design....Silverware

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Massimo Dutti Women Lookbook August

 I love the new lookbook of August, these are my favorite outfits that fully reflect my style.

martedì 24 luglio 2012


Olivia on Tatler Russia 
Dress: Elie Saab
Bag: Dior
Jewelry: Carrera yCarrera

Coat: John Galiano
Jewelry:  CarrerayCarrera

Jacket,Top, Skirt: Paco Rabanne
Shoes: Louis Vuitton
Jewelry: CarrerayCarrera
Top: Ana Locking
Skirt: Marni
Shoes: Giorgio Armani
Jewelry: CarrerayCarrera
Dress: Giorgio Armani
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Jewelry: CarrerayCarrera
Top: John Galiano
Pants: Miu Miu
Jewelry: CarrerayCarrera

photos from: Olivia 


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