martedì 23 ottobre 2012

Olivia Palermo's last looks

photos from: fab Sugar,,,

5 commenti:

Amy K ha detto...

Great Blog! Would you like to follow each other?

Much Love,

Ileana ha detto...

I want her closeeet!!! Love the coat in the first pic :D

OH! Don' forget to check my Anna Dello Russo at H&M GIVEAWAY :).

RitaD' ha detto...

@ Amy K Thanks for your comment, I'm a new follower

Tali N ha detto...

i just run into your blog via key entry of olivia palmero since i adore her style and i have to say that your blog is amazing and you doing a great job!

RitaD' ha detto...

@Tali N Thank You so much, I try to do my best and I'm very happy there are person like you that appreciate my blog!! A kiss ;);)


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